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Hand Mold, [Plaster]

Very small plaster mold for a hand and plaster hand. Only half of the mold is with the hand. Piece is in English Leather wood box.

Night and Day Fountain, Hand and Fish, [Wax]

Amber colored wax of the hand and fish for the Day sculpture. Very small piece.

Armatures, Hands, [Metal]

Box of 10 hand armatures of various sizes.

Armature, Hand, [Metal]

Five fingered hand armature made of metal. There is some clay residue on the armature.

Armature, Hand, [Metal and Wood]

Armature for hand and part of wrist with only four fingers. Metal and wood.

Star and Hand with Chemicals, [Plaster]

Small round plaster relief with hand, star and chemicals, test tube and smoke from test tube.

Hands of God, [Plaster]

Small scale plaster relief of 2 hands holding a planet with rings, surrounded by 3 smaller planets.

Hand, [Bronze]

Bronze hand to unknown sculpture. Hand has not been polished or patinated.

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Night and Day Fountain, Bird, Hand Positioning Template, [Plaster]

Plaster mold section for positioning fingers. Written on the mold is "Port Huron female figure hand". There is a lot of red paint on the plaster.

Arm and hand plaster molds for "Juggler" clown

Item #1224.jpg
The plaster mold for "Juggler” – one of the “Clowns” in Marshall Fredericks’ greenhouse studio.