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Very small plaster mold for a hand and plaster hand. Only half of the mold is with the hand. Piece is in English Leather wood box.

Amber colored wax of the hand and fish for the Day sculpture. Very small piece.

Box of 10 hand armatures of various sizes.

Five fingered hand armature made of metal. There is some clay residue on the armature.

Armature for hand and part of wrist with only four fingers. Metal and wood.

Small round plaster relief with hand, star and chemicals, test tube and smoke from test tube.

Small scale plaster relief of 2 hands holding a planet with rings, surrounded by 3 smaller planets.

Bronze hand to unknown sculpture. Hand has not been polished or patinated.

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Plaster mold section for positioning fingers. Written on the mold is "Port Huron female figure hand". There is a lot of red paint on the plaster.

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The plaster mold for "Juggler” – one of the “Clowns” in Marshall Fredericks’ greenhouse studio.
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