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Items tagged "Metal": 66

Planet for Celestial Fountain

Metal planet for Celestial Fountian, Male

Flying Pterodactyls, Wings, [Plaster and Metal]

Pair of wings for the Flying Pterodactyls. These are a small scale version. They are stained from the shellac used to seal the plaster.

McMorran Fountain, Star, [Metal]

Metal 5 pointed star that is gold in color. Star was used for the McMorran Fountain.

Man and the Expanding Universe, Spray Head for Fountain, [Metal]

Chrome star shaped spray head for the fountain. There is a hole through the spray head and a threaded end for attaching to fountain.

Armatures, Hands, [Metal]

Box of 10 hand armatures of various sizes.

Armature, Hand, [Metal]

Five fingered hand armature made of metal. There is some clay residue on the armature.

Armature, Hand, [Metal and Wood]

Armature for hand and part of wrist with only four fingers. Metal and wood.

Armature, Hand, [Wood and Metal]

Armature for a hand made of wood an metal for the fingers.

Armatures, Sea Gulls, [Metal]

Metal armatures of Sea Gulls. There are a total of 4 and each is marked by a roman numeral I, II, III, and IV.

Armature, Figure, [Metal]

Metal and plaster and tape armature of human figure.