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Princess and Unicorn, Armature, [Metal]

Small scale armature of Princess and Unicorn made of wire and metal.

Armatures, Hands, [Metal]

Box of 10 hand armatures of various sizes.

Armature, Hand, [Metal]

Five fingered hand armature made of metal. There is some clay residue on the armature.

Armature, Hand, [Metal and Wood]

Armature for hand and part of wrist with only four fingers. Metal and wood.

Armature, Hand, [Wood and Metal]

Armature for a hand made of wood an metal for the fingers.

Armature, Buterflies, [Wood and Metal]

A box of butterflies for making head armatures. Made of wood and metal wire.

Armatures, Sea Gulls, [Metal]

Metal armatures of Sea Gulls. There are a total of 4 and each is marked by a roman numeral I, II, III, and IV.

Armature, Figure, [Metal]

Metal and plaster and tape armature of human figure.

Armature, Figure, [Wire]

Armature of human figure. Made from metal plaster and possibly tape.

Bird Armature, [Plaster, Wire and Wood]

Bird, armature, 1970
Metal and wood

These armatures and maquettes illustrate the common working practices of traditional figurative sculptors like Fredericks. He fashioned the armatures from flexible wire and sheet metal to support the clay he would then model over those forms. The maquettes are small studies for larger works. He modeled theā€¦