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Ink on paper
5" x 8"

Possibly unrealized.

Small metal coin depicting the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, Saint Louis Gateway Arch. Stamped "Medalic Arts Co." on edge of coin.

Group of 3 women. The background figure stands with a scale while the middle figure, on her knees, consoles the frontmost figure who is hunched over and crying.

Group of 3 figures. The figures are a family consisting of a father, mother and small child.

Group of 3 figures, female in the center, female on the right, holding a book, and male on the left, holding what looks like a gear.

Group of 3 figures, a man wearing a robe in the center, a boy on the right and girl on the left.

Bronze sculpture of seated nude figure looking into a mirror. The patina is green. The base is felted on the bottom.

Bronze medal depicting on the obverse The Spirit of Detroit in relief. Words are "The Spirit of Detroit, Presented by Mayor Jerome P. Cavanagh". Obverse has seal of the city of Detroit with inscription "The City of Detroit, Speramus Meliora, Resurget…

Bronze corpus of Christ on wood cross. This is a 1/4 scale model for the Cross in the Woods. The patina is brown. From Grace Church in Grosse Pointe.

Plaster model of Christ painted brown. This is about 1/8th scale.
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