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Group of 3 women. The background figure stands with a scale while the middle figure, on her knees, consoles the frontmost figure who is hunched over and crying.

Group of 3 figures, a man wearing a robe in the center, a boy on the right and girl on the left.

Small plaster medallion of Henry and Clara Ford. The color is off white probably from the releasing agent used in the mold.

Not a Marshall Fredericks work.

Three plaster small round eagle reliefs on a wood base.

Small, unfinished looking plaster medallion. Some of the words are cut off. Inscribed on the relief is "American Institute of Architects". Awarded as the AIA Craftmanship Medallion from 1960-1976.

Plaster medallion with eagle. The eagle is the same as the one for the Eaton medallion. There is a lot of plaster excess that surrounds the plaster medallion.

Different medallion for the Danish Crest. The plaster has a large crack on the back. Says "24 Mai, 1935" on the relief.

Relief of a dove with a circle surrounding it. A section on the right side of the relief has been cut.

Small scale relief of Childhood Friends. Dark brown shellac coated. Some areas have new plaster. the antlers and feet of the girl, and may have been repaired.

Plaster relief of bearded man gold panning. Behind the man are two mules and the surface is painted green. Written on the back is "441".
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