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Items tagged "Wood": 76

Family, [Wood]

Small flat wooden figures of a mother and child, painted blue. [Accession number on tag says 2002.009 but there was another overlapping number so this was changed to 2002.012]

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Blue Bird, Template, [Wood]

Sketch on wood of two birds. See 2000.182 for plaster model of this sketch.

Base, Triangular, [Wood]

Wood base painted white triangular in shape with holes in top. Unknown as to which sculpture sits on this base.

Base for Cor Unum et Anima Una, [Wood]

Wood base with a drawing underneath that is very faint. There is clay residue on the board as well as shellac.

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Mike Sutton Dressage Plaque, [Clay on Wood]

Clay relief on plaster and wood of man riding on a horse in costume. On back of the wood board is a sketch for the Danish crest. Triangular in shape.

Wood Figures, Four Pegs, [Wood]

Four small peg figures representational of humans. These are used in site models.

Wood Figure, Man, [Wood]

Wood figure cut out of a man painted gray on a marble base.

Wood Figure, Man, [Wood]

Wood figure cut out of a man painted silver. Stands on wood base.

Wood Figure, Man, [Wood]

Wood cut out figure of a male painted gray.

Wood Figure, Girl, [Wood]

Wood figure cut out of a girl painted white.