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Ink on paper
5" x 8"

Possibly unrealized.

Small metal coin depicting the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, Saint Louis Gateway Arch. Stamped "Medalic Arts Co." on edge of coin.

Group of 3 women. The background figure stands with a scale while the middle figure, on her knees, consoles the frontmost figure who is hunched over and crying.

Group of 3 figures. The figures are a family consisting of a father, mother and small child.

Group of 3 figures, female in the center, female on the right, holding a book, and male on the left, holding what looks like a gear.

Group of 3 figures, a man wearing a robe in the center, a boy on the right and girl on the left.

Bronze sculpture of seated nude figure looking into a mirror. The patina is green. The base is felted on the bottom.

2007.028 (1).jpg
National Sculpture Society Ninetieth Anniversary medal. Obverse: Depiction of male standing in a hand with clouds in the background. Reverse has text "National Sculpture Society Ninetieth Anniversary".

Bronze corpus of Christ on wood cross. This is a 1/4 scale model for the Cross in the Woods. The patina is brown. From Grace Church in Grosse Pointe.

Plaster model of Christ painted brown. This is about 1/8th scale.
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