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Pencil on yellow drawing paper
5.5" x 8.5"

Sketch of Pegasus for relief.

Pencil on yellow drawing paper
5.5" x 8.5"

Unidentified sketches for relief featuring reclining figures, possibly religious in nature.

Graphite on paper
5" x 8"

Sketches for unidentified reliefs, possibly the "Family and Justice Reliefs".

Group of 3 women. The background figure stands with a scale while the middle figure, on her knees, consoles the frontmost figure who is hunched over and crying.

Group of 3 figures, a man wearing a robe in the center, a boy on the right and girl on the left.

eaton (3).jpg
Eaton War Memorial that was located at the Eaton Manufacturing plant in Saginaw, Michigan and moved to SVSU. Bronze on granite wall with names of Eaton employees that were killed in World War II.

Plaster relief of obverse side of medallion. Relief depicts a woman on her knees holding a pland in her hands. A small child is at her side with arms outstreatched. There are plants on both sides of the relief. Writing around the relief says…

Bronze oak leaves with grapes. Bronze is dark brown patina. There is a mounting bracket on the back.

Small plaster medallion of Henry and Clara Ford. The color is off white probably from the releasing agent used in the mold.

Not a Marshall Fredericks work.

Three plaster small round eagle reliefs on a wood base.
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