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Graphite on copy paper
8.5" x 5.25"

Based on a 1946 sketch by Carl Milles for a peace monument intended for the United Nations Building in New York, Fredericks’ enlargement now stands at the entrance to Stockholm Harbor, a project spearheaded…

Metal 5 pointed star that is gold in color. Star was used for the McMorran Fountain.

Very small three pointed star mold.

Very small 4 pointed star mold

Very small 6 pointed star mold.

Very small 5 pointed star mold.

Very small multi pointed star mold.

Chrome star shaped spray head for the fountain. There is a hole through the spray head and a threaded end for attaching to fountain.

Graphite on tracing paper
14.5" x 18.5"

The Henry J. McMorran Auditorium in Port Huron, Michigan commissioned the Night and Day Fountain as well as a gold anodized aluminum Sculptured Clock for the building. Completed two years before the…

011 backstage_2000.870.jpg
Collection of 1 wax, 2 rubber molds, 2 small plaster, 4 medium plaster, and one large plaster star for various projects.
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