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Christ on the Cross, 1/4 Scale, [Bronze]

Bronze corpus of Christ on wood cross. This is a 1/4 scale model for the Cross in the Woods. The patina is brown. From Grace Church in Grosse Pointe.

Christ, Small Model, [Clay]

Small clay model of Christ on wire armature. Hands and feet badly damaged or missing.

Christ, Small Model, [Clay]

Small clay model of Christ on wood board. Hands and feet are damaged and/or missing.

Christ the Good Shepherd, Drawing, [Wood]

Wood board used to design and layout the relief sculpture "Christ the Good Shepherd". The gold anodized aluminum sculpture completed in 1965, is 18 feet in height and is located in Waterford, Michigan on Central United Methodist Church.

Pencil markings and the sketched outline are visible on the white painted board.

Christ the Good Shepherd, Relief, [Plaster]

Plaster relief model for Christ the Good Shepherd. Model for 18 foot anodized aluminum sculpture located at Central United Methodist Church, Waterford, Michigan.

Depicts Christ with a small boy at his side surrounded by sheep. Christ holds a sheep in his proper right arm.

Christ, Model, [Plaster]

Different from the Indian River crucifix in style. Extended arms and "T" shaped pose.
It is unknown is this is a work by Fredericks.

Christ the Good Shepherd, Full-Scale, Mold, [Plaster]

11 mold sections for Christ the Good Shepherd relief. This is not a complete set of molds for the sculpture.

Full-scale plaster hand for "Christ on the Cross" in crate at the greenhouse studio

Full-scale plaster hand for Christ on the Cross in crate at the greenhouse studio.tif
Fredericks opened the "Greenhouse" and the "Stable" studio in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan in 1960 as an extension of his Royal Oak studio.