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Clay blank on wood for AIA medallion. Awarded as the AIA Craftmanship Medallion from 1960-1976.

Small clay model of Christ on wire armature. Hands and feet badly damaged or missing.

Small clay model of Christ on wood board. Hands and feet are damaged and/or missing.

Armature on wood base of an eagle with wings upward. Armature made of plaster, wire and has some clay residue on it.

Partial section of the eye of the buffalo from the full-scale Black Elk. Clay is on a wood board and this may be the only section in clay that remains of the full-scale Black Elk.

Clay relief on plaster and wood of man riding on a horse in costume. On back of the wood board is a sketch for the Danish crest. Triangular in shape.

Clay Spirit of Detroit figure with head detached and in the lap of the figure. Figure is clay and wire on a wood board.

Group of four people, 2 adults and 2 children. The father stands behind the mother. He has a small child on his proper right arm raised above his head, the mother has the other child at her proper right side. Clay model with wire armature on…

Horse or dog figure that is made of clay. There is a wire armature in the middle and a wood base. Part of the proper left front leg is missing or unfinished. There are a lot of cracks in the clay.

Kneeling figure, looks like it may be a model for Celestial Fountain or Man and the Expanding Universe. Armature is made of clay wire on wood board.
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