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Items tagged "Base": 65

Henry Ford Memorial, Base, [Marble]

Tag says this base is for "Henry Ford with cracked tie".

Star Dream, Base, Square Wood Base with Pipe, [Wood and Metal]

Simple armature for what looks like Star Dream. Made of metal pipe on wood base.

Seven Saints and Sinners, The Evil Influence, [Plaster]

Plaster base for Evil Influence. "Evil Influence" written on base.

Seven Saints and Sinners, Temptation, Base, [Plaster]

Base for Temptation figure. "Temptation base" written on base.

Star Dream, Base, [Plaster]

Plaster painted silver. Star cluster for base of Star Dreams. There is a hole in the top center for placement of the figure.

Fountain of Eternal Life, 1/12 Scale, Orb, [Plaster]

Small scale model in plaster of orb from Fountain of Eternal Life. The surface is shellac or mold release stained. There is a hole in the top center for placement of the central figure.

Princess and the Unicorn, Base, [Plaster]

There are 9 small parts in a box that make up part of the Princess and Unicorn. The box lists 2 parts the top and bottom of the piece which may make up the bulk of the sculpture. What remains in the box are appendages and small parts.

- Base for the figure
- Upper section of sculpture includes upper horse torso and princess
- rear leg of…

Fountain of Eternal Life, Base, [Plaster]

Cube shaped base for central figure of sketch model for Fountain of Eternal life. Base has a hole in the center and plaster is etched where the sculpture sits on the base.

Mahogany Block

Cube shaped block of wood. The top has been tooled and may have been a base for a sculpture.