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Sketch of unicorn

Graphite on letterhead
7.25" x 10.5"

Sketch of unicorn and possible sketch for "Wings of the Morning".

Sketch for "Unicorn Fountain"

Graphite on paper
3" x 1.75"

Sketch for "Unicorn Fountain," early concept sketch for "The Princess and the Unicorn," a large fountain, never enlarged to full-scale. Small-scale bronze located at Starr Commonwealth in Albion, Michigan..

Princess and Unicorn, Armature, [Metal]

Small scale armature of Princess and Unicorn made of wire and metal.

Princess and the Unicorn, [Plaster and Tusk]

Placed on top of a Narwhal horn, or tooth is this plaster model of the Princess and the Unicorn. The Narwhal tusk is actually a tooth from the Narwhal, a type of whale related to the Beluga, and used for breaking up ice and/or attracting mates. The tusk can grow to a length of 10 feet and can repair itself if damaged but will not grow back if it…

Sketches for "Black Elk: Homage to the Great Spirit"

Graphite on tracing paper
18.25" x 12"

Originally created to support the Tower of the Four Winds, Black Elk Neihardt Park, Blair, Nebraska. The Peace Pipe points from the Heart of Man to the Heart of God. Black Elk prays through tears, "Oh, make my people live."

Drawing also includes sketches for "Leaping Gazelle".

Princess and the Unicorn, Base, [Plaster]

There are 9 small parts in a box that make up part of the Princess and Unicorn. The box lists 2 parts the top and bottom of the piece which may make up the bulk of the sculpture. What remains in the box are appendages and small parts.

- Base for the figure
- Upper section of sculpture includes upper horse torso and princess
- rear leg of…