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Graphite on card stock
3.25" x 5.5"

Unidentified sketch of bases, possibly for "Baboon Fountain (Board of Directors Fountain)" for the 1939 New York World's Fair.

Plaster mold with blue rubber inner mold and red wax core. Two piece plaster and two piece blue silicon wax core. Written on mold is "Freedom on the Human Spirit Female" Mold held together with plastic zip ties.

Plaster mother mold with inner rubber mold and plaster core. "Gazelle" is written on the mold. The mold is bound together with a plastic zip tie.

Plaster tulip shaped base with four metal rods on top.

The fish portion of the base which Day rests upon.

Small plaster cube shaped base with metal pin in center. There is a lot of discoloring of the surface.

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Plaster hexagon shaped base with hole in top. Base is thicker on one side.

Wood base painted white triangular in shape with holes in top. Unknown as to which sculpture sits on this base.

Wood base with a drawing underneath that is very faint. There is clay residue on the board as well as shellac.

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Base for Flying Wild Geese in wood crate. Written on the top is "This side up, lay flat, Base for Flying Wild Geese Marshall Fredericks, do not stack more than 20 pounds on top".
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