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Two halves of a large head mold of Floyd Star with rubber and red wax core. This mold is in two sections the front of the head and the back.

Floyd Starr

The History Behind Almost 100 Years of Changing Lives

Floyd Starr, affectionately…

Wax positive mounted on plaster of the Rebild obverse.

Rectangular shaped Rubber mold with plaster mother mold with wax filler. "Cotton Pickers" is written on the edge of the plaster mold.

Rubber mold with plaster mother mold and reddish wax positive placed on top of the mold.

Written on bottom of mold is "Moose - Bear". Plaster mold with reddish brown wax and rubber core.

Red wax cast of the Lion and Monkey.

Red wax cast of Ann Arbor Eagle.

Hollow wax cast of the upper portion of Black Elk. Wax is reddish-brown in color.

011 backstage_2000.870.jpg
Collection of 1 wax, 2 rubber molds, 2 small plaster, 4 medium plaster, and one large plaster star for various projects.

Red wax figure of the Spirit of Detroit with the arms and family.
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