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Graphite on paper
3" x 5"

Sketch of Pegasus.

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Plaster relief of a Pegasus figure in profile with airplane propellers under his belly. It appears as if Pegasus is riding upon the propeller's nose cone of an airplane. Clouds appear under the propellers.

Pegasus relief in cast iron. The propeller section has been cut away from this relief.

Unlike most of Fredericks' works which were cast in bronze or aluminum, this Pegasus relief is cast iron. Two similar reliefs in plaster of the same theme…

Pegasus from the Pegasus with Propeller. The propeller section has been cut out and removed to leave the Pegasus with most of its legs missing. There is still part of the upper-most propeller on the Pegasus.

Several reliefs on the wall of the Royal Oak studio.tif
Located on the northwest corner of Normandy and Woodward Avenue in Royal Oak, Michigan, the building served as Fredericks' studio for over 50 years.

Pencil on yellow drawing paper
5.5" x 8.5"

Sketch of Pegasus for relief.

Item #1435.jpg
“The Expanding Universe Fountain” celebrates the nation's first exploration of outer space. According to Fredericks, the sculpture "represents this age of great interest, exploration and discovery in outer space...[and] the immensity, order and…
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