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Bronze corpus of Christ on wood cross. This is a 1/4 scale model for the Cross in the Woods. The patina is brown. From Grace Church in Grosse Pointe.

Bronze oak leaves with grapes. Bronze is dark brown patina. There is a mounting bracket on the back.

Small bronze Scottish Terrier dog. Mari Scot is readable on base under dogs belly.

Marshall used this as a bookend in his studio. Acquired, according to Michael Panhorst, in 2000 for $4000.00, paid for out of Roz Fredericks Trust Fund. Only oneā€¦

Asian woman with cross legged Buddha on her shoulders. Bronze patina is a warm yellow brown.

Brown painted female figure with child on her shoulders. Plaster cast is probably based on one of Mr. Fredericks' early wood carvings.

Bronze hand to unknown sculpture. Hand has not been polished or patinated.

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Bronze head on tan marble base of Lloyd Westbrook. The bronze is almost black in color.
Lloyd Westbrook was Marshall's roommate while he was in Germany.

Full-scale brown patina bronze head and neck of Henry Ford. Mounted on a black marble base.

Black patinated bronze of male head on a black marble base. The figure is an Asian male.
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