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Dark green in color plaster Full-Scale model of the Thinker. Some of the painted surface has come off.

The chimpanzee sits with arms crossed in front of him. His hands are upon his shoulders. His legs are also crossed as he stares ahead. …

Horn section only (left side) of Siberian Ram 2001.039.001. It broke off from complete model.

Various chips and abrasions. Left horn broke off (received by Artpack this way) Label is on the horn. Left horn is 2001.039.002.

Plaster head for Baboon with Baby Chimpanzee. This is the front section of the head only. The mouth is open slightly.

Front section of full-scale model without head of Baboon with Baby Chimpanzee. A baboon holds a baby chimp to her chest. The baby chimp has its back to the baboon. The small chimp has its proper right leg outstretched and is foot on the baboons…

Plaster model of Christ painted brown. This is about 1/8th scale.

Plaster model of a seated baboon playing a mandolin. He is strumming with his proper left hand. Plaster was painted or plated at one time and is now bubbling up reacting to the plaster.

Small plaster model of the Two Bears. The surface is discolored in some areas. Sculpture depicts a black bear and a brown bear sitting back to back. Originally created for Lincoln Square, Urbana, Illinois, Victor Gruen, architect. Painted gray. …

Full-Scale plaster model of the Torso of a Dancer. Surface is brownish in color from the shellac used to seal the plaster.

Model for Sundial Airport Beacon project that was never realized. A sphere with several rows of cut-out holes that has an elongated pyramid shape piercing through the sphere.
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