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Ink on notepad paper
5" x 8"

The idea to create a memorial honoring Henry Ford took root in 1948 when the Dearborn, Michigan Chamber of Commerce conducted a poll of Dearborn residents and learned that most of the populace favored such a proposal.…

Large armature for Henry and Edsel Ford sculpture. Armature is on a wood base and made from wire and plaster. There is some clay residue on the armature.

Plaster portrait of Henry and a young Edsel Ford. They stand together with Henry's left arm around Edsel and Henry's right arm pointed straight ahead. The boy has his hands in his pocket.

Henry Ford, portrait statue from
Henry Ford Memorial, 1975
Plaster originals

Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Marshall M. Fredericks

Frederick's design for the Henry Ford memorial at the Dearborn Public Library across Michigan Avenue from Ford…

Various plaster models in Marshall Fredericks' Royal Oak studio2.tif
Plaster models of "Baboon and Sitting Friend," "Henry and Edsel Ford" and "Pro Patria" in Marshall Fredericks Royal Oak , Michigan studio.
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