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Positive from mold. Danish crown on top of shield, crown has Christina cross on top. Shield has 3 lions stacked on top of each other and 9 hearts.

Danish State Crest from Rebild American Independence Day Medal. Plaster, iron rods and sisal the yellowish color is from the shellac used to seal the plaster.

Fredericks was proud of his Danish-Norwegian heritage and created a medal for theā€¦

Rubber mold with plaster mother mold and reddish wax positive placed on top of the mold.

Two piece mold for the lion for the Danish Crest. There are holes in one side of the mold.

Plaster and rubber mold. Written on the mold is "Danish State Crest".

Different medallion for the Danish Crest. The plaster has a large crack on the back. Says "24 Mai, 1935" on the relief.
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