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Clown with outstretched arms, large collar and standing on a circus tent. Tent is surrounded by a train or circus wagons and elephants.

Plaster body for Circus Clown and arms.

Posthumously cast Circus Clown. Foundry and edition marks and A.P. stamped/ inscribed in wax; also, interior edition mark stamped in wax.

Circus Clown, 1937
Bronze, cast 1988

Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Marshall M. Fredericks

Although the first clowns date back to ancient times, the descendants of modern clowns were the traveling minstrels of the Middle Ages. They wore…

Item #1146.jpg
Plaster models for the “Clowns” - includes: "Acrobat", "Circus Clown", "Juggler" and "Lovesick Clown (Pagliacci)"

Item #1104.jpg
Plaster models for "Clowns" in Marshall Fredericks' Royal Oak, Michigan studio. Includes: "Acrobat", "Circus Clown", "Juggler" and "Lovesick Clown (Pagliacci)".

Item #813.jpg
Bronze "Circus Clown", 22 inches.

Item #812.jpg
Bronze "Circus Clown" in Marshall Fredericks' Royal Oak, Michigan studio with "Leaping Gazelle" in foreground.
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