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Graphite and ink on paper
8" x 5"

Unidentified sketches of various animals, including baboons, gazelle, panthers, owl, and rabbit. Sketches may include early concept for the "Levi L. Barbour Memorial Fountain" on Belle Isle.

Graphite and ink on tracing paper
11.75" x 9.25"

Administration Building (now the Literature, Science and Arts Building) at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Thirty cast aluminum, seven limestone and two bronze reliefs decorate…

Plaster head for Baboon with Baby Chimpanzee. This is the front section of the head only. The mouth is open slightly.

Front section of full-scale model without head of Baboon with Baby Chimpanzee. A baboon holds a baby chimp to her chest. The baby chimp has its back to the baboon. The small chimp has its proper right leg outstretched and is foot on the baboons…

Plaster model of a seated baboon playing a mandolin. He is strumming with his proper left hand. Plaster was painted or plated at one time and is now bubbling up reacting to the plaster.

Plaster and rubber mould with plaster core, bound with plastic straps.

Grey wood trunk with wheels. Wood trunk painted with 2 metal handles on either side. Has 4 wheels with 3 movable inside boxes.

Two baboons, made of plaster, sitting side by side touching hands one with legs crossed at the ankle.

Baboon and baby baboon. Overall composition is rectangular in shape. Painted white plaster. Mother baboon holds the baby placed in front of her and both are standing upright.

Adult baboon with baby baboon sitting between the knees of the adult. Overall composition is rectangular in shape. Plaster painted white.
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