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Head of Youth [Plaster]


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Head of Youth [Plaster]


Figure sculpture, American--20th century


Head of the Youth, from Youth in the Hands of God, 1956
Plaster original

Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Marshall M. Fredericks

This is the only surviving portion of the full-scale plaster original model for Youth in the Hands of God, a sixteen-foot tall aluminum cast, made in Norway, commissioned for the facade of the Dallas Public Library, Dallas, Texas.

This fragment is less well preserved than many of the original plasters in the Museum. Note the stained discoloration across the head in general. The restorations around the eyes, ears, and lips were reworked about 1987 to regain the original appearance. The complete aluminum cast of the Youth in the Hands of God was relocated from Dallas Public Library to this Museum in 1993 and is installed on the facade of the Arbury Fine Arts Center.


Fredericks, Marshall M., 1908-1998




Use of this image requires permission from the Marshall M. Fredericks Sculpture Museum




University Center (Mich.)

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Physical Dimensions

17.75" x 10" x 15"


Plaster full-scale

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Object Location

Main Exhibit Gallery


03/22/1989 gifted to MFSM



Finished piece for Dallas Public Library weighed 880 pounds of cast aluminum and was 20 feet in height. The cost was $100,000 with $35,000 to Mr. Fredericks and $65,000 cost for materials and installation.

Molly Barth copy:
On this pedestal, there is a head of a portrait of a young boy. This is all that Fredericks has left of a piece that is titled Youth in the Hands of God. It was made for the Dallas, Texas library. The sculpture was cast in aluminum and is 20 feet high. It is a relief that was designed to hang right on the granite facade of the library. It was dedicated in 1960. Recently, the library had grown so much they sold the building and built a new library. I don't think they realized that the relief could be removed, but they ended up selling the building and the relief. Fredericks is hoping that someday it will be donated to the gallery, but, as far as I know, it's vacant. As you know, Texas went through a recession when so many people went bankrupt. Hopefully, that Youth in the Hands of God relief will end up being here at the gallery. I should mention that Youth in the Hands of God was also cast in Norway and brought over by boat, but the rest of the plaster model was destroyed. All that is left is the head of the youth.