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Ugly Duckling from "Nordic Swan and the Ugly Ducking: Hans Christian Andersen Fountain" Danish Village, Rochester Hills, Michigan, Edward Laird, Landscape Architect.
"Marshall M. Fredericks Sculptor", Suzanne P. Fredericks 2003 Page(s)…

Plaster bird for Swan and Ugly Duckling. The birds wings are posed as if in flight and its beak open slightly as if in song. Has Roman joint to connect to sculpture.

Ugly Duckling, armature, 1960
Metal and wood

These armatures and maquettes illustrate the common working practices of traditional figurative sculptors like Fredericks. He fashioned the armatures from flexible wire and sheet metal to support the…

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This sculpture represents Fredericks' interpretation of Hans Christian Andersen's popular story, The Ugly Duckling. Unlike Fredericks' portrayals of other literary subjects, this sculpture illustrates not one moment in the story, but two.…
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