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Items tagged "Bluebirds": 8

Sketch for unidentified Dow memorial plaque

Ink on paper
8.5" x 11"

Sketch for unidentified Dow memorial plaque featuring bluebirds

Two Birds, Mold, [Plaster]

Two Birds mold is a 2 piece mold held together with wire. Written on the mold is "Two Birds Marshall Birds" These may be the same birds used on Mr. Fredericks' parents grave marker.

M.M.F. Family Headstone (Two Birds Relief), Mold, [Plaster and Rubber]

Plaster mold for Two Birds. Yellowish stain is from shellac used to seal the plaster.


Item #398.jpg
Headstone with "Bluebirds" relief for Fredericks' parents at an unidentified cemetery.

Close-up of "Bluebirds"

Item #397.jpg
Headstone for Fredericks' parents with "Bluebirds" relief at unidentified cemetery.