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Two Bears, Full Scale, [Bronze]

Two bears, black bear and brown bear, sitting back to back. In the wild they are natural enemies but are captured as friends in this sculpture. The brown bear is much larger than the smaller black bear. The knees have the tear drop shape signature of Marshall Fredericks.
Cast at Bedi Makky, Art Foundry, NY 1964

Wings of the Morning [Bronze]

Bronze with green patina on black marble base. Resting on the hand are two birds with wings extended ready to take off in flight and a male figure resting on his back.

The Boy and Bear [Bronze]

Fredericks was one of six artists commissioned to design sculpture for Northland Shopping Center in Southfield. At the time it opened in 1954, Northland was the country's largest shopping center as well as the first regional shopping center. The architects planned for sculpture to play an important role in the shopping center's courts and malls. …

Night and Day Fountain [Bronze]

The Night and Day Fountain was commissioned for the Henry J. McMorran Auditorium in Port Huron, Michigan. Fredericks also created a gold anodized aluminum Sculptured Clock on the building that was completed two years before the fountain's installation. The sculptures and clock were conceived as a unified design concept.

In keeping with a long…

Bacchante (Persephone) [Bronze]

Full-scale bronze of Persephone with green patina. Sculpture sits in the sculpture garden. Depicts a nude woman on her proper left knee with her hands raised at head level. She has long braids.

In Greek mythology, Persephone was the goddess of spring. She was abducted by Hades (known to the Romans as Pluto) and taken to the Underworld to be…

The Lion and Mouse [Bronze]

Fredericks has said that this sculpture illustrates the story of "The Lion and the Mouse." In that story a lion caught a mouse, but as he was about to eat him the mouse pleaded for mercy, promising to help the lion one day. The lion was so amused by the prospect of a tiny mouse helping the king of the jungle that he let the mouse go. Some time…

Two Sisters (Mother and Child) [Bronze]

This is the full-scale model for the figures in the TWO SISTERS FOUNTAIN, which is located in a courtyard of Kingswood School Cranbrook. Smaller and earlier versions of these figures are included in a maquette for that fountain which is on display across the Museum. Fredericks enlarged the maquette to life size and cast this full-scale plaster…

Siberian Ram [Bronze]

The compact, monolithic form of the Siberian Ram contrasts with the more open composition of the Leaping Gazelle (#16), although both have spherical contours and strong curvilinear design elements. Both are evocative. Some viewers perceive them as joyful, playful animals, while others see fear and anguish in these sculptures.

Fredericks first…

Don Quixote [Bronze]

Bronze with green patina of Don Quixote on black marble base.

Cervantes' "Don Quixote de la Mancha" is a masterpiece of world literature. It is as well known and loved today as when it was first issued in 1605. Cervantes glorified Knight Errantry with his parody of the romances of chivalry. Don Quixote and his faithful squire Sancho Panza…