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Mike Sutton Dressage Plaque, Blank, [Plaster]

Plaster mould, reinforced with iron rod, galvanized pipe and burlap with inner surface shellacked. "Mike Sutton Dressage Plaque" written on it.

Mike Sutton Dressage Plaque, Blank, [Plaster]

Plaster mould reinforced with metal rods and burlap, shellacked inner surface. "Mike Sutton Dressage Plaque (Front)" written on mold.

Mike Sutton Dressage Plaque, Mold, [Plaster]

Plaster mould, inner surface shellacked, outer reinforced with rusted iron rod and galvanized tube. This section of the 3 parts of the mold has a plaster positive inside. Mold is bound with plastic zip ties.