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Bronze "Baboon Playing a Mandolin" - 14 inches.

Small scale Baboon Playing a Mandolin. Bronze with green patina.

Baboon Playing a Mandolin, 1939

Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Marshall M. Fredericks

Armature for Baboon Playing a Mandolin. Wood armature has some areas of clay residue. Armature is in two sections.

Sepia print
18.75" x 24.5"

A bronze casting of this work is in the children's garden, Community House, Birmingham, Michigan.

Rubber mold with plaster mother mold with plaster filler. Written on mold is "Baboon with Mandolin stall A". Mold halves held together with rubber band.

Plaster model of a seated baboon playing a mandolin. He is strumming with his proper left hand. Plaster was painted or plated at one time and is now bubbling up reacting to the plaster.

Item #148.jpg
Full-scale plasteline model of "Baboon Playing a Mandolin" enlarged from 1939 small-scale plaster model shown at left.

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Plaster models of "Baboon and Baby Chimpanzee" and "Baboon Playing a Mandolin" in Marshall Fredericks' Bloomfield Hills (Greenhouse), Michigan studio. Bronze castings of these two works are in the children's garden, Community House, Birmingham,…

Item #145.jpg
Plaster model of "Baboon Playing a Mandolin".
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