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Chicago Cardboard Company large size wooden paper cutter with steel blade attached to wood table. Table part is painted gray.

Plaster mother mold with inner rubber mold and plaster core. Written on mold is "steers".

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Positive from mold. Danish crown on top of shield, crown has Christina cross on top. Shield has 3 lions stacked on top of each other and 9 hearts.

Wood turntable with 360 degree markings. There is 2 piece to this, the turntable and a seperate "T" shaped piece.

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Hussmann meat grinder used to recondition clay. Activates the wax in the clay to make it more malleable as well as making uniform pieces of clay to insure a uniform thickness when applied to the sculpture. (Per Scott Slocum)

Lesto brand, Electric Hand Saw in metal case. Saw has blue body with attached blade and electric cord. Case is gray metal with rust.

Miller arc welder model m-180 serial number K199029. Blue exterior, extra cord with welding tip, dark plastic welding helmet.

Still in box, this is a drill guide made by Portalign.

Double ended plaster rasp tagged with number 60.

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Double ended plaster rasp tagged with number 61.

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