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Items tagged "Figure sculpture": 2235

Torso of a Dancer, [Plaster]

Full-Scale plaster model of the Torso of a Dancer. Surface is brownish in color from the shellac used to seal the plaster.

Christ, Small Model, [Clay]

Small clay model of Christ on wire armature. Hands and feet badly damaged or missing.

Christ, Small Model, [Clay]

Small clay model of Christ on wood board. Hands and feet are damaged and/or missing.

American Institute of Architects, Obverse, [Plaster]

Small, unfinished looking plaster medallion. Some of the words are cut off. Inscribed on the relief is "American Institute of Architects". Awarded as the AIA Craftmanship Medallion from 1960-1976.

Achievement, [Plaster]

Plaster of a nude male figure reaching toward the sky. He appears to be standing on a planet that looks like the moon. For People's Outfitting Company, Detroit. He holds at his fingertips a star on his proper right hand.

Night and Day Fountain, Male 1/3 Scale, [Plaster]

Male from Night and Day with no arms and no proper right leg. Plaster model.

Night and Day Fountain, Female 1/3 Scale, [Plaster]

Torso of the female for Night and Day with head. White plaster with no arms or legs.

Childhood Friends, Relief [Plaster]

Small scale relief of Childhood Friends. Dark brown shellac coated. Some areas have new plaster. the antlers and feet of the girl, and may have been repaired.

Spirit of Detroit, Female for Family, [Plaster]

Small mold for female from the family portion of the Spirit of Detroit. Two piece mold. Piece is in English Leather wood box.

Spirit of Detroit, Male for Family, Mold, [Plaster]

Very small mold for male figure for the family portion of the sculpture. This mold is in 2 halves. This mold has "Spirit of Detroit Male" written on its surface.