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"Win Scholarships at School of Art. Oberlin Girl and 2 Lakewood Boys Get European Awards"

"The Plain Dealer" newspaper article announcing the winners of scholarships at the Cleveland School Of Art. The Herman N. Matzen Scholarship (Sculpture) went to Marshall Maynard Fredericks, 1470 Orchard Grove Avenue, Lakewood, Ohio.

Letter of Introduction

June 1st, 1930.

To Whom It May Concern:

Mr. Marshall Fredericks is visiting Europe for the purpose of furthering his art studies. He is the winner of a traveling fellowship from The Cleveland School of Art, upon graduation from this school May 29th, 1930.

Alfred Mewett,

The Cleveland School of Art Graduation Program

The Forty-Seventh Graduation
The Cleveland School of Art
Thursday, May Twenty-Ninth
Nineteen Hundred Thirty

The Cleveland School of Art Diploma

The Cleveland School of Art Awards with Congratulations & Good Wishes this Diploma to Marshall Maynard Fredericks
Who as a Member of the Class of Nineteen Hundred and Thirty has Satisfactorily Completed the Work Required in the Regular Course in Sculpture
Presented by the Authority of the Honorable Board of Trustees May Twenty-Ninth at Cleveland…

Marshall Fredericks at Cleveland School of Art, c. 1926-1930

Marshall Fredericks poses with various artwork in studio at the Cleveland School of Art

The Cleveland School of Art - Transcript of the record of Marshall M. Fredericks

Marshall M. Fredericks's academic transcript from the Cleveland School of Art, which he attended from 1926-1930.

Marshall Fredericks at the Cleveland School of Art

Marshall Fredericks attended the Cleveland School of Art (now Cleveland Institute of Art) from 1926-1930.

"Classic Colt"

Plaster model for "Classic Colt" scupted during Fredericks' time as a student at the Cleveland School of Art (c. 1926-1930). Subsequently destroyed.