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Horseless Carriage (Model S Ford Children and Animals - Sunday Afternoon), Relief, [Plaster]


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Horseless Carriage (Model S Ford Children and Animals - Sunday Afternoon), Relief, [Plaster]


Animal sculpture--20th century
Figure sculpture, American--20th century


Plaster relief model of a man and woman in a Model S car. Two young children run along side, animals including chickens, a dog, pigs and birds can be seen. Exhaust from the car is also seen.

Fredericks carved the original limestone relief of this sculpture that was placed in the public lobby of the Post Office in River Rouge, Michigan in 1939. He received this commission as a result of an honorable mention in a section of Fine Arts Competition.

Because the automobile industry was the most important factor in the development of the Detroit area, the sculptor has chosen to depict one of the very early cars. The "horseless carriage," with its two occupants, speeds along, leaving a trail of dust and smoke. Two children and a dog run delightedly beside the car while pigs and chickens flee in terror.

The "mother" mold is made of plaster and is used to help keep the shape of the flexible rubber mold. The plaster "mother" mold has residue from the microcrystalline wax that's used to make wax models for the lost wax casting method. A didactic panel in the Sculptor's Studio explains the lost wax method of casting.

An image of this sculpture can be seen on page 36 in Marshall M. Fredericks, Sculptor.


Fredericks, Marshall M., 1908-1998




Use of this image requires permission from the Marshall M. Fredericks Sculpture Museum


Relief Sculpture


University Center (Mich.)

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12" x 12" 1.75"



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Storage Room B - C2


10/25/1999 gifted to MFSM

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