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Torso of a Dancer [Bronze]


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Torso of a Dancer [Bronze]


Figure sculpture, American--20th century


Torso of a Dancer, c. 1938
Bronze, cast 1984

Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Marshall M. Fredericks

After modeling the Torso of a Dancer in about 1934, Fredericks carved it in Belgian black marble for the Cranbrook Art Museum in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. He subsequently used the original plaster model to create several bronze casts such as this one. Unlike all the other bronze casts in the museum, the Torso is not patinated with chemicals to produce the green or brown surface color commonly found on bronzes. Fredericks chose to leave the Torso with its raw bronze color. He finished the statue with a high degree of polish to emphasize the smooth forms, graceful lines, and strong muscles of the figure. This cast, made in 1984, exhibits the fine craftsmanship that Fredericks demanded of his founders. The Sculptor's Studio displays other versions of this sculpture.

The nude female form is a subject that has entranced artists since the dawn of time. Fredericks' treatment is typical of sculptors working during the Art Deco period when streamlined, elegant forms predominated, yet Fredericks' realistic but slightly idealized treatment of this traditional subject also illustrates his personal, mature style.


Fredericks, Marshall M., 1908-1998




Use of this image requires permission from the Marshall M. Fredericks Sculpture Museum




University Center (Mich.)

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33.25" x 17" x 13"



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Main Gallery


05/26/1994 gifted to MFSM


From Jennifer Lentz (Collection Documentation Intern 1991-1992)

Memo dated October 23, 1991:

"RE: Torso of a Dancer
On the list "Principle works of Marshall M. Fredericks" that I believe Mrs. Fredericks compiled, on page 3 I noticed that one of the three Torsos is dated 1934 and the other two were dated 1938. We have been dating it to 1938. I asked Mr. Fredericks and he said c. 1934 is the original date."

From Jennifer Lentz (Collection Documentation Intern 1991-1992)
Memo dated September 5, 1991

"RE: Works at Cranbrook Academy of Art Museum:
Two Sisters/Mother and Child
Childhood Friends
Torso of a Dancer
Persephone (Bacchante)

On display in he museum are two other works by Fredericks. One is Torso of a Dancer in black Belgian marble which is dated to 1939. Our list of works at Cranbrook dates it to 1938. Our bronze at the gallery is dated to 1938 also. Our bronze at the gallery is a free-standing form. In this marble one part of the rough stone was left to form a base which the Torso is incorporated into and rest upon."

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