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Marshall Fredericks watches the installation of "Nordic Civilization" at the "Cleveland War Memorial: Fountain of Eternal Life" site

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The smoothness of the surface and the graceful, curving lines expressed in this full-scale model of Nordic Civilization are highly suggestive of the sea itself.

The large, powerful sea-god Poseidon’s right hand rests upon the body of a shark. His other arm is outstretched and the hand’s palm is downward, suggesting his control of the waves and…

Marshall Fredericks with the bronze sphere for the "Cleveland War Memorial: Fountain of Eternal Life"

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The Fountain, also known as the "Cleveland War Memorial", is composed of a large granite basin set with bronze plaques containing the names of men and women who gave their lives for their country. Located within the basin are four granite carvings depicting the great civilizations of the earth: Nordic, Eastern, Southern and Western cultures.