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Pioneer Woman and Ox, [Plaster]

Brown painted plaster on wood base of a woman standing next to a laying down ox . The plaster is broken at the base and the bulk of the figure unattached from the base.

Pioneer Woman and Ox, [Plaster]

Indian woman standing next to a laying down ox. Plaster model.

Pioneer Woman and Ox, [Plaster]

Plaster model for Pioneer Woman and Ox. Clothed female figure standing beside a laying down ox. Her hands are at her side and her palms are open.

Pioneer Woman and Ox, Mold, [Plaster and Rubber]

Plaster mother mold with inner rubber mold and plaster core of Pioneer Woman and Ox. Mold is bound with plastic zip ties.

From Jennifer Lentz (Collection Documentation Intern 1991-1992)
From a Memo dated March 25, 1992
RE: Conversation…

Pioneer Woman and Ox, [Bronze]

Bronze, marble base

Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Marshall M. Fredericks