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Items tagged "Dr. Herbert E. Pederson Portrait Medallion": 3

Herbert Pedersen, Mold, [Plaster]

Round plaster mold for Herbert Pedersen portrait. The mold has the mold rims attached with tape. The yellowish discoloring is from shellac used to seal the plaster.

Herbert Pedersen, Relief, [Plaster]

This medallion of Herbert Pedersen is in a wood crate with "Herbert Pedersen Full-Scale plaster medallion" written on crate along with shipping information.

Herbert Pedersen, Relief, [Plaster]

Herbert E. Pedersen, MD

Herbert E. Pedersen MD was a well-known Detroit physician. He was associated with the Detroit Medical Center. Both Hutzel Hospital and the Children's Medical Center have a memorial lectureship in his name.

This plaster model was used to create the mold for it to be cast.