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Sketches of various unidentified medallions

Graphite and ink on paper
3.5" x 6"

Sketches of various unidentified medallions, including Cadillac and Pontiac, Women's Club Exhibition and St. Dunstan's Theatre Guild.

Possibly unrealized.

Sketch for unidentified Detroit medallion

Graphite and ink on tracing paper
9" x 11.5"

Sketch for unidentified Detroit medallion.

Possibly unrealized.

Sketches for "The Spirit of Detroit"

Oil pencil on tracing paper
15.5" x 13.75"

The erection of The Spirit of Detroit at the City-County Building (now Coleman A. Young Municipal Center) in 1958 marked the formal completion of the structure whose construction began in 1951. Located in front of a white marble wall at the entrance to the building, the sculpture depicts the cultural…