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Wounded Centaur, [Plaster]

Centaur painted green plaster, shown wounded and in pain. The torso of the centaur lunges forward while the horse like body is on its knees. This is a very early work from Fredericks.

Centaur, Body, Mold, [Plaster and Rubber]

Three piece plaster mother mold with inner rubber mold and plaster core. "Centaur" written on upper side of mold. Mold is held together with plastic zip ties.

Centaur, Arm, Mold, [Plaster and Rubber]

Rubber mold with plaster mother mold with no wax filler. Written on mold is "centaur arm, Marshall Fredericks"

"Wounded Centaur"

Wounded Centaur.jpg
1929, patinated plaster, 12 1/4 inches.