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Guardian Angel, Bird, Mold, [Plaster Rubber and Wax]

Small black rubber two piece mold with red wax model of bird inside mold. This bird is for the Guardian Angel sculpture.

Eaton War Memorial Eagle, Wreath, Mold, [Plaster, Rubber, Wax]

Small plaster mold with rubber and red wax core. Mold has a wreath used in the Eaton Memorial sketch model.

Night and Day Fountain, Hand and Fish, [Wax]

Amber colored wax of the hand and fish for the Day sculpture. Very small piece.

Night and Day Fountain, Bird, [Wax]

Small wax bird in a amber colored wax. Bird is for small scale Night and Day Fountain.

Spirit of Detroit, [Red Wax]

Red wax figure of the Spirit of Detroit with the arms unattached and no family. Also 2000.820c is a rubber arm mold for the piece filled with a red wax arm.

Spirit of Detroit, [Red Wax]

Red wax figure of the Spirit of Detroit with the arms and family.

Black Elk, Upper Torso, [Wax]

Hollow wax cast of the upper portion of Black Elk. Wax is reddish-brown in color.