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Pedestals, [Plaster]

23 plaster pedestals of various sizes. These were in Marshall Fredericks' studio and used to display sculptures.


Large pantograph in Sculptor's Studio set up to display the ratio between the Lord Byron plaster original and the full size clay model.

Chain Lift, [Large]

Marshall's chain lift on I beam in Sculptor's Studio.


Pantograph on a tripod. This is the smaller of the two tripod pantograph machines. It has hooks for marking points.


Pantograph with what appears to be a barber chair base complete with heightening arm.

Staircase Rolling

Grey painted wood staircase. There are seven steps, and stairs are on wheels for easy movement.

Photographs, Sculpture Studio

These are the photographs in the Sculptor's Studio on the wall below the catwalk.

Sun Worshipper, Full Scale Plaster Model, [Plaster]

Sitting with her hands oh her left knee and her head back looking toward the sky, the Sun Worshipper is a topless female with bare feet and a skirt covering her legs.

"The mysterious Sun Worshipper, originally designed in 1937, was enlarged and cast to Full-Scale in 1994. Fredericks treated this enigmatic, contemporary figure a classical manner…

Armature of Three Figures, [Armature]

Armature of three figures, possibly an idea that was never completed. Stands on wood base. Figures are made of metal rods with plaster and clay.

Marshall Fredericks' Royal Oak, Michigan studio - exterior

Located on the northwest corner of Normandy and Woodward Avenue in Royal Oak, Michigan, the building served as Fredericks' studio for over 50 years.