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Peoples Outfitting Company, Sphere, [Plaster]

Peoples Company sphere mold. Written on the mold sections are "1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3, peoples figure to convert to Midland". There are 3 pieces to this mold.

Sphere, [Plaster]

Plaster sphere for unknown sculpture.

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Sphere Mold, 1/2 Sphere, [Plaster, Rubber]

Very small half sphere plaster mold with rubber core.

Fountain of Eternal Life, 1/12 Scale, Sphere, Mold, [Plaster and Rubber]

Plaster mold with black rubber interior, and plaster core. Plastic bands hold mold together.

Sphere, [Plaster]

Sphere for unknown sculpture on wood base.

Half Sphere, [Plaster]

Half plaster sphere.

Half Sphere, [Plaster]

Half plaster sphere.

Half Sphere Mold, 14 3/4" dia. Sphere, [Plaster]

Three piece sphere mold held together with wire. Not sure what sculpture this sphere is for. The yellowish discoloring is from shellac used to seal the plaster.

Half Sphere, [Plaster]

1/2 sphere with fiberglass inner core surrounded by plaster mold.

View of the orb and sphere from "The Expanding Universe Fountain" during its restoration

“The Expanding Universe Fountain” celebrates the nation's first exploration of outer space. According to Fredericks, the sculpture "represents this age of great interest, exploration and discovery in outer space...[and] the immensity, order and mystery of the universe.”

The monumental central figure suggests a superhuman mythological…