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Torso of a Dancer, [Aluminum]

This cast in aluminum of the front of the Torso of a Dancer was done by a vacuum machine and sucked down a sheet of aluminum around the mold.

Lloyd Westbrook (Portrait of a Young Man), [Bronze]

Bronze head on tan marble base of Lloyd Westbrook. The bronze is almost black in color.
Lloyd Westbrook was Marshall's roommate while he was in Germany.

Henry Ford Memorial, Head, [Bronze]

Full-scale brown patina bronze head and neck of Henry Ford. Mounted on a black marble base.

Bunichuro Sugimura, Bust, [Bronze]

Black patinated bronze of male head on a black marble base. The figure is an Asian male.

Unknown Bust, [Terra Cotta]

Terra cotta head of unknown woman on light colored travertine base. Signed "M Fredericks 30" on back.

Adelbert Akusy, [Bronze]

Bronze head of Adelbert Akusy with black patina mounted on brown marble base. No signiture, but inside of bronze is a label that reads: "C.M.A. TUB 3589/47"