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Edwin Denby, Blank, [Plaster]

Plaster blank with pencil outline of figures of Edwin Denby. The yellowish discoloring is from shellac used to seal the plaster.. There is also a symbol with eagles on shields on th lower left drawn in pencil.

DENBY, Edwin, (grandson of Graham Newell Fitch), a Representative from Michigan; born in Evansville, Vanderburg County, Indiana,…

"Edwin Denby and Edwin Denby Jr. Portrait Plaque"

Plaster model for "Edwin Denby and Edwin Denby Jr. Portrait Plaque". The bronze plaque hangs in Denby Technical Preparatory High School in Detroit, Michigan.

Inscription reads: Edwin Denby 1870-1929 Edwin Denby Jr. 1912-1942 United in Service for God and Country