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"Portrait of a German Philosopher"

1931, bronze, 19.5 inches

After working with Carl Milles in Sweden during the summer of 1930,
Milles sent Fredericks to Munich, Germany to gain additional experience at two renowned schools of the day. It is likely that Fredericks encountered this man while he studied. It is unknown if this individual sat for Fredericks as he modeled the…

Carl Milles sculpts "Poseidon" at Millesgården

Carl Milles exploited fully the height of his studio, when he created his colossal "Poseidon" at Millesgården. The completed sculpture stands at the center of Götaplatsen, a public square in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Herman N. Matzen

Matzen taught carving, modeling, designing, and casting at the Cleveland School of Art from 1886 until his retirement in 1926. The Herman N. Matzen Traveling Scholarship is named in his honor.

Marshall Fredericks at Cleveland School of Art, c. 1926-1930

Marshall Fredericks poses with various artwork in studio at the Cleveland School of Art

American Eagle, UAW Eagle, [Photograph]

Large photograph of the USA building with the Victory Eagle. The photo is on a thick cardboard.

John F. Kennedy, [Photos]

Two large cut out photographs of John Kennedy used for the portrait bust.

Photographs, Sculpture Studio

These are the photographs in the Sculptor's Studio on the wall below the catwalk.

Marshall Fredericks working on the plaster model of an unidentified medal in his Royal Oak studio

Located on the northwest corner of Normandy and Woodward Avenue in Royal Oak, Michigan, the building served as Fredericks' studio for over 50 years.

The President of the Republic of Finland, Dr. Urho K. Kekkonen, visiting the United States during October 1961

The President of the Republic of Finland, Dr. Urho K. Kekkonen, visiting the United States during October 16-31, 1961

The President of Finland Dr. Urho K. Kekkonen receives "The Spirit of Detroit"

The erection of The Spirit of Detroit at the City-County Building (now Coleman A. Young Municipal Center) in 1958 marked the formal completion of the structure whose construction began in 1951. Located in front of a white marble wall at the entrance to the building, the sculpture depicts the cultural and religious spirit of the Detroit…