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Items from "Marshall M. Fredericks Sculpture Museum Objects Collection": 1886

Leaf Mold

Small plaster leaf mold. Mold is for 2 leaves.

Justice is Served While Employing Compassion and Kindness

Group of 3 women. The background figure stands with a scale while the middle figure, on her knees, consoles the frontmost figure who is hunched over and crying.

A Father and Mother Teaching a Lesson in Charity

Group of 3 figures. The figures are a family consisting of a father, mother and small child.

Justice Encompasses Knowledge and Technology

Group of 3 figures, female in the center, female on the right, holding a book, and male on the left, holding what looks like a gear.

Justice and Knowledge Imparted to Youth

Group of 3 figures, a man wearing a robe in the center, a boy on the right and girl on the left.

Susanna and the Mirror

Bronze sculpture of seated nude figure looking into a mirror. The patina is green. The base is felted on the bottom.

Oakland County Sesqui-Centennial Coin

Small coin made of bronze with Indian on the obverse and the words "Sesqui-Centennial 1820-1970" The reverse has an oak tree with the words "County of Oakland Michigan"

Electric Saw

Lesto brand, Electric Hand Saw in metal case. Saw has blue body with attached blade and electric cord. Case is gray metal with rust.

Eaton War Memorial, Bronze and Granite

Eaton War Memorial that was located at the Eaton Manufacturing plant in Saginaw, Michigan and moved to SVSU. Bronze on granite wall with names of Eaton employees that were killed in World War II.